Monday, January 9, 2012

Delila and Babies

                                                   I am so excited! Delila had her babies!

And yes he has red eyes.

 This is the girl. 
I do not have names for them yet. So if you have an idea you can comment.

And Delila

Yesterday my mom, me, my sisters, and brother went to Bismark.  We stayed at a hotel and swam all afternoon. Then we went to see War Horse. It was so cool! We stayed over night at the hotel. We got back from Bismark this afternoon and found the surprise. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I have some pics of my horses!

This is Chase and Mornin'

Chase and Comanche

Mornin' and Erowyn
So Those are our horses.

And now guinea pigs I have 5 oh 6 . A friend of mine lost one of her guinea pigs. And  the one she had was getting lonely so she wanted to give him to me. So I now have 5 girls  and 1 boy. 

Hear he is he is sooo cute but not as cute as Quinn

Here is Quinn

This is Delia. We got her not realizing that she was pregnant. So we could have more boys and girls.

It's Lilly

My mom favorite Shanni

And last but not least Carly

And my cats. This is Nancy

And Kennedy on my messy bed!