Monday, July 9, 2012

Horse Breeds

These are some of less known horse breeds.

This is a Percheron
Facts: A draft horse noted for its calm nature and weight of over a ton 
Height: 16 hands
Color: Gray or black

This is a American Saddlebred
Facts: Proud and spirited; carries its tail high. Most often seen in the show ring
Height: 15 to 17 hands
Color: Bay, black, gray,or chestnut

This is a Connemara Pony
Facts: An excellent jumper suitable for adults as well as children
Height: 13 to 14.2 hands
Color: Usually gray; also bay, black, brown, or dun

This is a Suffolk Punch
Facts: A reliable draft horse often used for farm work 
Height: 16 hands
Color: Chestnut

This is a Shire
Height: 16 to 17.2 hands
Color: Bay, black, brown, chestnut, or gray

This is a Lipizzaner
Facts: Intelligent and athletic; famous for preforming highly advanced movements known as dressage, especially "airs above the ground"
 Height: 15.1 to 16.2 hands
Color: Usually gray, sometimes bay, lightens with age 

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